September 2010 - In this Issue

September 2010 - In this Issue

Tony Judt
, historian, social thinker and essayist,passed away in July: to pay homage to  him,  Insight publishes an excerpt from his last book (Ills..)
Wealth, wellbeing and change and an essay on his work by Norman Birbaum.
Tony Judt - The Intellectual Challenge of the History *

Stuart Holland  discusses the different approaches to the Keynesism in the midst of the current crisis Keynes and After: What Went Wrong? 

Antonio Baylos and Antonio Lettieri analyse the antisocial use of the crisis
Sobre el uso antisocial de la crisis económica (Sobre o uso antissocial da crise econômica)

Marcello Colitti debates the Prof Bhagwaty’s thesis on post-industrialism
Is the tiger stronger than the shark? A debate on industry and services
E' più forte la tigre o il pescecane?

Thomas Palley examines the FED monetary policy and its aklternative
The Federal Reserve Should Raise Rates and Lower Them Too.
Peter Dreier writes on  
The Path to a High-Wage Society

On the eve of the Brazilian elections, Mark  comments the Lula da Silva’s policy Quem será capaz de levar o país adiante?  Who Will Allow Brazil to Reach Its Economic Potential?, while in Views two articles Brazil's Bolsa FamiliaBrazilian Economy Expands Robustly are signaled.

Three Papers deal with the Greek crisis -  Greece and the IMF: Who Exactly is Being Saved?  -  the Labor reform in Spain Los effectos prácticos de la Reforma Laboral en España - the debate on the social security in the US Social Security and the federal deficit