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In This Issue

The eurozone crisis deepens and attacks the banks, which now the ECB and Germany have to save after giving up an effective policy towards sovereign debt (Paladini and Lettieri). What after the global crisis? (Nuti), and after euro? (Jespersen). Meanwhile, Marchionne has problems with Chrysler (Ferigo). Baylos and Romagnoli on crisis and Labour Law.

In Papers the current crisis in comparison with the New Deal policies of theThirties (Lettieri).


Giorgos Pouliopoulos; Robert Shiller; E.J. Dionne Jr.; Mario Rusciano   

Editor  Antonio Lettieri   Co-Editors  Bruno Amoroso,  Antonio Grau Baylos

Editorial Board  Margarita Barañano; Ramón Baeza; Barry Bluestone; Carlo Clericetti; Marcello Colitti; Oscar Ermida; Jeff Faux; Jacques Freyssinet; Tarso Genro; Jayati Ghosh; Guillermo Gianibelli; Stuart Holland; David Howell; Jesper Jespersen; Elvira S. Llopis; Mario Nuti; Ruggero Paladini; Thomas Palley; Guido Rey; Umberto Romagnoli; Mario Rusciano; Herman Schmid; Hartmut Seifert