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Insight is a multilingual website focused on the analysis of the origins and social, economic consequences of the crisis.To this end, it collects and publishes original contributions in several languages (Italian, English, French, Spanish, Português).

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Articles  While Greece looks set to a default just deferred after the new bailout, the eurozone is in recession with a worsening trend of unemployment (in Spain close to 25 per cent). The policy of the ECB with a trillion euro at the disposal of the banks has lessened  the credit crisis, but the “fiscal compact” and the “structural reforms” imposed by the Berlin-Brussels axis  further  hampers the growth. Lettieri and Paladini  analyze the contradictions of European policies, and Freyssinet discusses the trade unions' role  in France.
Kuttner and Baker on the policies of the U.S. in an election year; Colitti on the debate on nuclear and renewable energy.

In the Papers an essay of Mario Nuti on the  aftermath of the global crisis, Antonio Baylos on the Labor reform in Spain and Joel Maurice on the new fiscal compact
from a French point of view.  

In Views, articles on ECB; Keynes; Labor reform in Spain; and the European socialists’ Manifesto.



  • Editor  Antonio Lettieri   Co-Editors  Bruno Amoroso,  Antonio Grau Baylos

    Editorial Board  Margarita Barañano; Ramón Baeza; Barry Bluestone; Carlo Clericetti; Marcello Colitti; Oscar Ermida; Jeff Faux; Jacques Freyssinet; Tarso Genro; Jayati Ghosh; Guillermo Gianibelli; Stuart Holland; David Howell; Jesper Jespersen; Elvira S. Llopis; Mario Nuti; Ruggero Paladini; Thomas Palley; Guido Rey; Umberto Romagnoli; Mario Rusciano; Herman Schmid; Hartmut Seifert