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This issue is dedicated to comparing the different positions in the US and European Union face the current crisis. In a certain sense both the policies look, for different reasons, not adequate to deal with the economic and social consequences of the current crisis.

  has gathered a number of comments in regard to the different issues which are crucial in the current debate: such as the contradictions between the huge fiscal restraint and the growth, the economic and social European  flawed economic and social policies, and the failure in the attempt to implement an EU governance. Other contributes aim to a specific analysis of the crisis concerning the Spain case.

The following are the first articles, comments and Papers collected by Insight.  

Marcello Colitti
  The Banks and the Governments [4]

Ruggero Paladini
The deceptive European fiscal policy [5]

Joan Coscubiela
  La teología de la desregulación [6] 

Lawerence Mishell  
Policy responses to long-term unemployment [8] - (Testimony givenin a hearing before the Committee on Ways and Means) 
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