Insight - "Number Zero" – is an experimental multi-language website (see  Presentation/Presentazione). The project’s aims are to establish a communication forum for the exchange and debate of analysis, opinions and suggestions, for the understanding of the origins of the current crisis and its social and economic consequences (see Editorial). Some contributions appear in their original languages, others also in sifferent languages. In the future we hope that with help of the readers more texts will be provided in more languages.

This “Number Zero” is centered around two main topics: on one side, the public finance and the economic recovery debate in the US (Mishel, Bluestone, Faux, Palley); on the other side, the European debate on the financial crisis in some countries (Greece and Island) and the labour policies in the EU with particular attention to some countries (Spain, Germany, Denmark).

Insight is structured in three parts: the first part (Articles and Opinions) is dedicated to current topics; the second (Papers) to essays and researches; the third (Views) contains writings appeared in the international press relevant to the topics discussed in the website.
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