Insight - June 2010 /

In Articles:  The epicenter of the economic crisis has shifted to the European Union: the deflationary tendencies (Ruggero Paladini, Thomas Palley) are accompanied by strong social tensions, particularly in Spain (see articles and papers).

Marcello Colitti comments Tony Judt's latest book on the social crisis in the West; Jesper Jespersen imagines the conditions for a sustainable economy; Vladimir Popov discusses the role of the State in the development of China.

Labor conditions, industrial relations, employment situation today and that of the New Deal’s time are analyzed by Harold Meyerson in a comparative perspective; the decline in labor incomes are looked at by Giuseppe D'Aloia.
In Papers: Barry Bluestone and Mark Melnik give an account of a research on the possibility of inadequate supply of labor in America towards the end of the decade. Pino Ferraris analyzes the origins of the phenomenon of group suicides in France, identifying the cause in the working conditions.
In Views: Fiat's blackmail in Italy; an essay by Tony Judt; labor market reform in Spain;  working conditions in the biggest Chinese factory;  the wage issues in France and Financial policies in the European Union.

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