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Europe.  While Greece looks set to default, Italy, following the European requirements, improves its position in the financial markets in a climate of recession, but according to John Weeks, the crisis had no a real basis. Meanwhile in Italy as in Spain unions are hit by the labor reform (Romagnoli, Baylos and  in Views the freedom of fire and reduce wages in Spain). Colitti discusses the general post-crisis of capitalism. Paladini looks at the position of Holland in France as a possible turning point in European politics. Yudit Kiss tells the fascist-like  measures in Hungary, and Jayati Ghosh analyzes the disappearance of the G20.
Dean Baker discusses deficits and unemployment in America (see also Paper on the subject). Jesper Jespersen back on the conditions of a "sustainable development". Paola Brianti draws a historical profile of China's relationship with the Tibetan issue.
In Papers: Cozzi analyzes the relationship between debt and growth. Kuttner on cultural defeat of the left face the neoliberal policy. Lettieri on the European perspective of late Bruno Trentin, outstanding leader of the Italian Trade Unions.


■Marcello Colitti - C’è una strategia del capitale?

■John Weeks - Democracy in Europe and the Italian crisis

■Antonio Baylos - Desregulación y antisindicalidad en la reforma laboral española

■Umberto Romagnoli - Tra contratto collettivo e cittadinanza

■Ruggero Paladini - François Hollande svolta a sinistra

■Dean Baker - Deficit Reduction Won't Create Jobs

■Paola Brianti - Cina - La ragion di Stato è figlia del Cielo

■Jesper Jespersen - "The barriers to sustainable development"

■Jayati Ghosh - Whatever Happened to The G20?*

■Yudit Kiss - What's next in Hungary?


■Terenzio Cozzi - Debito e Crescita

■ Antonio Lettieri - Bruno Trentin e il sindacalismo europeo
■  Robert Kuttner - History's Missed Moment

■ Heidi Shierholz - Job-seekers ratio improves but has been above
  the highest rate of early 2000s downturn for more than three years  


■ - William Greider; Tarso Genro; Robert Reich;; Geneviève Azam, Etienne Balibar;
Frédéric Imbrecht 


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